Charcoal Pinstripes with Tint of Colour Fused Glass Square Coasters – Set of 3

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These coasters are handmade using the technique of glass fusing. Large sheets of original stained glass are hand cut into pieces, we add our zest and splash of art and then a specialized glass kiln does its magic.

This is a family of 3 coasters – 2 are twins & 1 is a show stopper, which still carries the same design aspects. Size of each coaster is approximately 3.75 to 4 square inches and 6 mm thickness.

Each coaster has silicone feet on each corner to make it slip-proof and giving it a sturdy grip. They also lift the base glass of the coaster a little bit from the ground, thereby preventing scratches and damage to underneath surface.

It’s glass, it can break, though it’s a good omen, you would not want to see the pretty coasters being shattered in pieces, hence please handle with care.

Wash care: It’s one-of-a kind and handmade. While it is cleaned and washed, it requires the touch of hands, please do not put in dishwasher. The glass is smooth and clear, it requires gentle care of soap, avoid using hard chemical-base cleaners or abrasives.

Note – These artefacts are hand built by artists themselves. Hence expect slight variation in shape, size, colour as compared to pictures shown here.